Wonder about your financial security?
Can you retire comfortably?
What can you safely spend during retirement?
Want to look over your financial advisor's shoulder?

Wealth View gives that visibility. At $95.00, it's a cheap investment in peace of mind. And if you manage your own finances, it's an even more valuable tool.

Wealth View is a Windows program suitable for PC, laptop and some tablets. Worried about program quality? Try it at no charge.


We provide the actual program but restrict you to demonstration data.
For full functionality, purchase an activation code.

Wealth View helps you by:
~ Collecting and displaying all of your investments, assets and debts
~ Tracking your investment performance over time
~ Measuring your risk tolerance and analyzing how well your portfolio matches it
~ Pointing out portfolio imbalances
~ Collecting present and anticipated expenses and revenues
~ Projecting your future net worth to measure financial security and manage retirement spending.

While portfolio investments can be entered and updated manually, if you have Schwab accounts, position data can be imported easily for monthly updates. And if your accounts can be exported from another account manager, we will work with you to accomodate them as well. As you can see above, the position import function is inhibited in the demonstration mode.

The first step involves entry of a little personal data and account information as shown below. We never request or use social security numbers nor use more than the last four digits of account numbers.

Measure Risk Tolerance takes you to a questionnaire to determine your tolerance level. After answering the multiple choice questions, you will be shown this risk tolerance summary.

This summary indicates an aggressive risk tolerance that can support 70% aggressive and 30% conservative investments. The corresponding return on investment range expected over a one year and five year range is also shown.

The current portfolio listing below is used for display and editing when necessary.

The program assigns one or more asset classes to each investment to define its behavior. This chart provides a breakdown of your portfolio by account and by behavior based on these asset class assignments.

The balance between aggressive and conservative investments in your portfolio should match your risk tolerance level. This chart shows how your portfolio stacks up in this regard. It also flags any serious imbalances in the diversification of your investments.

By taking regular snapshots of your portfolio, a performance history can be accumulated. The program allows you to superimpose a growth line to measure average growth of you portfolio with contributions and withdrawals taken into account. It's a bottom line indication of how your net worth has grown in the past.

Predicting the future requires a clear understanding of incomes and expenses, now and as anticipated in the future. Assets and incomes are enterred on this screen.

Debts and one-time or limited duration expenses are entered on this screen. In addition, a recurring annual expense is input.

The expense Estimator shown below can be used to compile a list of contributors to your recurring expenses. If you keep a detailed budget, it can be the source of your recurring expense instead.

All of this information comes together to provide a baseline net worth projection. Its validity depends on the integrity of these inputs. However, you can increase or decrease the key factors on this screen to see their impact on the projection. Most important, you can see what happens if you increase or decrease spending.

By including assets and debts, the chart becomes a projection of your estate vvalue. Finally, this screen summarizes your current financial situation.